Saturday Insanity



A jolly day today with it being Double Up Donation Day. The goal is to double your word count, donate what you can (and generous sponsors offer to match!)

Happiness (and Buddy above would agree) – it was a great day for writing!

Found some ‘structural supports’ to this story and a dead body or two – courtesy of a word sprint challenge, prompt or random observation.

Jinelle Gordon has stepped up to take Yvonne’s spot as companion and co-conspirator, matching wits with Murray and offering Cole a run for his money as far as movie trivia is concerned.

How did your Saturday writing go?




Proper Beginning! (Maybe)


Elemental Visions

‘They’re angels,’ she said. ‘They’ll love you and be perfectly harmless,’ she said. ‘They’d be proper practice for you as a possible, perfectly patient parent…’ Cole Porter Lipton cursed the foul charges as he juggled the phone in one hand and the can of tuna fish in the other as both villainous felines dug their claws into his shins.

“Nioma,” he said through his gritted smile, “Remember the deal of you bringing me back some proper Paris or London tea? Make it German beer and we’ll call it even.”

They’re Back!

For this year’s NaNo, I’m rebelling! Yes, like many in my region, it isn’t necessarily starting something brand new, but maybe refining, remolding, polishing something old.


SeanMurray-Cole Porter Returns

Cole Porter Lipton Returns

Cole Porter Lipton, Murray and Nioma return with some familiar faces, future friends, curious finds and some puzzling riddles to sort out.

Does this mean I have any idea where this year’s mystery is going to end up? Of course not. What has happened so far (in a mere 777 words written on day one)? Murray has joined a writing group, Cole has a new neighbor and Nioma is stamp collecting – stamps in her passport that is!

Elemental Visions looks to become a puzzle for geeks, with probably a dead body or two. So, brew up some tea, pull up a chair and join the occasional updates along the way.

Or better yet – JOIN THE FUN and sign up for NaNoWriMo. Almost everybody says ‘Someday I’ll write a novel.’ Well, your ‘someday’ is now!



And it Begins…Again!

Camp NaNo July 2017 Start

It’s great to have a wonderfully wacky group of writerly friends sharing the same cabin for another month of mischief, cheer-leading and writing!

Natasha does a great job in making sure we cabin-mates are on task (no food fights with marshmallows – yet!) and that we keep the chat board active. You’ve guessed it – Camp NaNoWriMo is back!

So, for the first lines of this month’s project, “After the Chaos”:

A thin ribbon of red flowed down the professor’s neck as the students looked on, too stunned to move, and too inexperienced to act.

“Can we resolve this,” the professor asked looking to the class. “Without any more bloodshed, I mean?”

The first response was the wrong response.


First Week Finished?!

Aren't You....JPG

Aren’t You Supposed to be Writing?

I love my cats – Kit and Kat. They give me a necessary mental break from the various insanity detours of “real life.”

So, dropped the ball again on the Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge. Maybe Sunday I’ll put together a list of the missing letters as related to my latest ‘bad habit.’ (Those of you I share a cabin with know what that is!)

Jotting down a few words a day in the (very long overdue) sketchbooks to wrap up a prequel of sorts to the first camp project, “Escorting in Twilight.” The three-part collection, “Before the Wars,” tells the stories of Atkinson, Jalem and Desmon before the subtle changes had a major impact on their lives – apart and together.

How about you? Are you camping this year;  counting hours, pages or words?