Happiness is carving out time to play this weekend with the different write-ins and a book release party, too! (If you haven’t picked up your copy of  The Unwitting Journeys of the Witty Miss Livingstone or Black Poodle Over Seven Hills, why not?!)

Total word count thanks in large part to the Mystery Tour Writing Marathon – 4415 written today. Might add a few more before the crash!

What fun write-ins have you attended? What discoveries made with your works in progress?


Day Three, Or….


Day three and I finally crossed the 4-digit word count mark! (and the word count goal of day one, with a few words to spare…1670).

Like a fellow NaNoRhino in our region, I may have ended up with a second ‘First Lines‘ bit…. However, this is the first line of a story(book) within the story, so it isn’t exactly cheating because…. Well, since this project’s still plotless, that’s why!

“I lied, to keep you from dying that day; and that may have been the worst mistake of my life.”

How is your NaNo project progressing?

Oh Goodies!


Well, sadly, very little writing done since pasting the words into the validation box some 15 days ago. I did, however, remember to claim my goodies (except the romance and Mac based ones)!

RescueTime  should be interesting – although I don’t know why I got it; I’ve got Kit and Kat to give me grief, I mean keep me on task.

I indulged with Aeon Timelines, although I don’t know where I’ll find time to get the current (and past, maybe future) stories lined up.

EverNote will forever be tucked to the side, only because I’ve got my own mountain of papers, digital sticky notes, and held-book receipts at my disposal.

What goodies did you claim/treat yourself to post NaNo? And are you still writing?


NaNo Winner 2015

NaNo Winner 2015

Happiness is finding all of the scattered files (and a couple I forgot I stored elsewhere), cobbling them all together and discovering more words were written than first thought!

Of course the thriller isn’t done, but it’s a fair piece for an ‘off-year.’ This will require more work to rewrite than my first novel, but like like ‘Crossing Seasons,’ ‘Murder: Run Time Error’ proved to be fun, especially in a genre I haven’t written in for quite some time.

How are you doing, fellow writer? Still going strong?

Betting you can cross that finish line, too!

Thursday Theme

Yvonne and Cole - a night on the town

Yvonne and Cole – a night on the town

Like the previous NaNo projects before this, Family/Friendship is the cornerstone. Whether the playful partnership remains platonic as in school days past, or something more – with ring – will last, it’s the strength of the main character and the one supporting.

How would you describe your characters and their interactions with those in their inner circle?

Thursday Theme

November Night Fever (Design by Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Quinnleeeee)

November Night Fever (Design by Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Quinnleeeee)

Theme? We’re going theme-less today, unless you happen to have some free time to join us at the Fall City Roadhouse Inn for a night of disco-themed writing! The fun begins at 5 and hope to be stayin’ alive all night!

(On a minor note, while Cole and Yvonne are good friends, and occasionally dance – doubt disco is on their card – yet.)