Camp NaNo 2013


April Session: Escorting in Twilight


The best way to describe “Escorting in Twilight” is Harry Potter meets lifelong friendships meets the Civil War.  All right, maybe a bit much in a fantastical setting, but if all goes well, this journey will lead to a story’s end.


Allen Yomin’s journey brings with it dark reflections, light burdens of the heart and an unexpected companion who refuses a chaperone. As the final measurements of time approach, will the sacrifices made for the companion’s future be worth the unknown pains of his past?

End Stats – “Winner” 50,557

July Camp Session: Sights on the Storm

(Literary Fiction)


Dorinda Casey Russell never doubted that she was her father’s daughter. She never disrespected the woman she always called “Mom.”

But what happens when Dorinda decides to pursue the storm?

End Stats: “Winner” 50,512

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