Jacob Knoll and Deborah Hansen

Jacob Knoll and Deborah Hansen -the beginning

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I have yet to find the movie, Sweet Revenge, but The summary sparked a ‘what if’ run-in between my two characters, Jacob and Deborah. (I finally found and treated myself to a copy of “Sweet Revenge” on DVD as my NaNo 2013 treat!)

Doing my best to avoid a “When Harry Met Sally” approach, the fun I had in watching the other found films featuring Stockard Channing and Sam Waterston together made writing this first NaNo fun.

Jacob and Deborahcourtesy of TV

Jacob and Deborah
courtesy of TV

This fun find of the first film I could see with this entertaining couple, “The Room Upstairs” may be a ‘typical romance’ but the wit and warmth were worth it.

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Deborah and Jacob

Deborah and Jacob

To see these two in ‘Le Divorce’ as a happily married couple trying to assist their grown children was a pure delight.

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