Zig-Zag Zone









Zig-Zag Zone

Zooming to the left

In and out to the right

Going this way, that way – day and night.


Zipping up, zipping down

All about the parts of town

Giving tempo to the steps on the street.


Zeroing in

On zoning out

Never ending dreams

Eternity wins out.


Yonder Past the Yo-Yo

Late Time

Keeping up with him was like keeping up with a yo-yo

To, fro, there, where

The mind raced fast

To present, future, past

With overlaps in between.

Keeping up with him was like keeping up with a yo-yo

Where, there, fro, to

Romantic semantics

In times of calm, moment of antics

With undercurrents overhead.

Keeping up with him was like keeping up with a yo-yo

Whereto, furthermore

A collection of knots to the core

Of the spinning, the spiraling

The laughing, the crying

Keeping up with him was like keeping up with a yo-yo.


X My Heart


Many X'sAny way you cross it – high, low or just so,

The X’s and the O’s

Will cut across, will cut right through

This heart that once beat only for you.

Any way you cross it – low, just so or high

The tears from the O as we cry

Will stream down, will soak through

Wondering what on earth to do.

Any way you cross it – just so, high or low

The X’s won’t reveal the secrets known

That will build up, break down, pierce through

This friendship that stays strong for you.


Cross my heart.

Please, don’t lie

As we go through the by and by.

Cross, my heart.

It may die

With the passing of the tide.



Where in the Water?

Approaching Home Waters

The problem with flying was wondering where the water went.

North, East, South, and West

The land lines turned and bent

Until they blended with the clouds

As if nothing more was out of bounds

With every wave the wind had sent

West, South, East and North

Wandering towards infinity was where the dreams in the waters went.


unknown“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

~Corrie Ten Boom


To the end of the walk, the traveler stopped, uncertain which way to go

All that was seen, beyond the shore was an eternity’s water flow

To reach for a flower or search for a tower,

The traveler did not know.

For what was unknown kept them at shore

While the known made like a lion’s roar.

Into the gray or back to the black?

Watch for sunset or wait for sunrise?

The unknown vanished before the traveler’s eyes.


trestle trail travel

Crossing the trestle to get to the trail,

the choice now had a lot to entail:

To go left or go right or right back around?

Not much time remained as the train whistle sounded.

To go down to the river or aim for the hill,

An option was needed to escape the chill.

Cross the water and hope for more

Or wander down along the shore?

The stars were the curtains, the blanket, the calm

Like the smoothness of the walking stick against the rough palm.