2010 – Call Me, Al

Amelia Livingston ignored Thomas Alven Sidney’s responses for as long as she could, only to learn that sometimes, discoveries made by falling in love for the second time can be as rewarding, if not better than the first time around. Whether all of her children would graduate to the same realization would be a conundrum that even Albert Einstein couldn’t understand.

3 thoughts on “2010 – Call Me, Al

  1. […] Belatedly catching up on my blog reading can pay off. The previous repost, from Kevin Brennan’s ‘What the Hell’ added a nice timed layer to today’s ‘Tuesday Two-Step’ – a.k.a the focus on the 2010 NaNo project, “Call Me, Al.“ […]

  2. […] snippet from Call Me, AL is inspired by the One-Minute Writer and the Daily […]

  3. […] weaving in the One-Minute Writer challenge. So here’s tonight’s result, from “Call Me, AL” […]

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