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Too many questions and too few answers, Amelia thought as she stared at the homework sheet in front of her.

Since when did math require an essay?

She glanced at her eldest. “Did I miss you doing these?”

He shook his head. “No. Benny’s older sister said they would have helped for her college tests, though.”

“Primary grades are too early to start that kind of prep. Your sister got all of the answers right. So, why-?”

“Because she has to explain how she got them right.”

“That’s what ‘show your work’ is for, not words. I’ve half a mind to let that teacher have it and-.”

He pushed a small bowl of ice cream her way. “Mom, you asked me to remind you not to ‘Hulk out.’ Don’t worry, we can help her in the morning. Good news is that she loves math.”

Amelia nodded. “So, do we introduce her to Yahtzee or cribbage first?”

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