Evan 2

Evan George Gordon

Evan grew up in the area all his life, loving the idea of being an educator, like his parents, relatives, and grandparents before him. However, he is later persuaded to go into a different direction, thanks to a group of motivational mentors who give him the same nickname, ‘Marshall,’ but for different reasons.


Ashley Charon Emery

“Ace” has too many issues to count, and moving to a new town doesn’t help anything. He had to be taken away from the only family he felt cared for him was cruel. Well, not until it is time to come home, or as close to home as he feels safe in.

Chris 2

Chris Odessa Nighthorse

“Oakley” got tired of explaining a California accent, a love for musicals and declaring a certain ‘Annie’ as a role model. She intends to be first in what interest *her,* living her life of adventure, not serving others’ agendas.