Camp is Done…


Even though I failed to share here this past month, it’s the little things (like hitting the 10k mark with 10,132 words!) that make this fun.

Updates/Details to be shared soon…


First Week Finished?!

Aren't You....JPG

Aren’t You Supposed to be Writing?

I love my cats – Kit and Kat. They give me a necessary mental break from the various insanity detours of “real life.”

So, dropped the ball again on the Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge. Maybe Sunday I’ll put together a list of the missing letters as related to my latest ‘bad habit.’ (Those of you I share a cabin with know what that is!)

Jotting down a few words a day in the (very long overdue) sketchbooks to wrap up a prequel of sorts to the first camp project, “Escorting in Twilight.” The three-part collection, “Before the Wars,” tells the stories of Atkinson, Jalem and Desmon before the subtle changes had a major impact on their lives – apart and together.

How about you? Are you camping this year;  counting hours, pages or words?

Too Much Insanity Tuesday!

Tea Wrap

Atkinson’s Chronicles Tea Tin Wrap


So, found a new habit brewing. While most writers and creative types try to stay away from Pinterest or wanderers stay away from Twitter/YouTube, I found a new tea site to play with.

It’s one thing to order more tea than a sensible drinker should. It’s quite another to discover you can create your own blends, too!

I was going to keep these ‘public’ long enough for a friend or two to see…

Trio of Trouble Brewing

Trio of Trouble (for) Brewing

If you’re curious, the blends might last until the end of the week.


What crazy new habit have you found or fun creation made?

Tuesday Untangling

Franklin Falls in the Fall.JPG

No, the picture has nothing to do with the ignored prompt (Write a story in the structure of Hansel and Gretel), or the previous end-note from yesterday (which stories fit the Ugly Duckling model).

This is just a reaction to the fact that I’ve been blogging for six years now (well, actually, this site is a wee bit younger than the ‘parent’ site, but still…)…

What sort of splash have you made, big or small?

Duck – The Ugly Structure

Castle by Jacqueline Fedyk

Castle by Jacqueline Fedyk

If you haven’t had a chance to download the ebook, A Month of Writing Prompts by Julie Duffy, you should!

The meandering snippets are based on the prompts from Volume 3. The title is a reworking of the day’s exercise, The Ugly Duckling Structure. It seems simple how Hans Christian Anderson’s stories dealt with balance (sad beginning, happy ending) point by point.

How many of your stories have that structure, where the “Life.Changing. Moment.” happens in the middle, setting your hero/protagonist on a journey where all is now right with the world?

Of the projects ‘spinning on the plotter’s wheel,’ I might have an answer to share…tomorrow.