Who Are You July?


Who Are You?” by The Who is a song I’ve used twice now – first time for Quietus: Quintets Demise and this year’s project.

Jasmine Ulyssa Lewis Yeardley, born on the Fourth of July, is witty, sassy, loyal, a chameleon, and a Jacqueline-of-all-trades.

Many nicknames for the main character of the current mystery:

  • Jazz – by her occasional music writing partner and constant concert-goer
  • Jewel-Eye – by most friends
  • Jules – by her sci-fi book club and steampunk friends
  • Joyce – by her nerdy, literary friend who knows about Ulysses
  • Sparks – by her older friend/big brother/’walking, taller, ‘Yoda,’ Rennie
  • Merriweather – by her friend William Clark (who did take the road trip along the Lewis and Clark trail
  • Ruby – by her jewelry store owner friend, given the penchant for wearing various shades of red

Do any of your characters have nicknames?


A = Adventure, Alven and Amelia


I’ve no idea what I’m doing for CampNaNo this year (aside from rambling aimlessly while my two cabin-mates make clear progress towards their goals)! And again, going for the Blogging from A-to-Z challenge, while weaving in the One-Minute Writer challenge. So here’s tonight’s result, from “Call Me, AL” –


“What is the craziest thing you ever did on the day for fools,” Alven asked. “Hijack a car? Go on a blind date? Take an impossible dive?”

Amelia smiled. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

He adjusted his glasses. “We’re still dating; so there’s a fair chance I might.”

She leaned forward, her smile growing wider for a moment. “Care to make a bet? Winner decides next destination?”

“Adventurous or foolish?”

“Both.” She paused. “I gave my boss a letter of resignation. On her birthday. Five minutes before leaving work.”

Alven reached for the wine. “Which job was this? Obviously the one you hated, right?”

Amelia shook her head. “The one I loved, the one I earned and thoroughly enjoyed.”

“And you resigned?”

She shook her head again. “I said I gave my boss a letter of resignation. The key was in the closing: “April Fools! Have a terrific birthday.””

“And you lived to tell the tale.” Alven sighed. “You win. What are we doing tomorrow?”

“See how well you survive shopping, for starters.” With that, Amelia found the most expensive dessert to order and enjoy, with a few servings ordered to go.

Beneath the Covers


Bound – 2014

(Today’s repeated snippet from Diary of Dreams is inspired by the One-Minute Writer and the Daily Prompt.)

Betwixt the pages of the book most brown
Perdita Hermione Denke’s thoughts can be found
Of the dragon eggs meant to be
And of many more a mystery.
Though not entirely obsessed
She is easily distressed
By the bombardment, bashing boldness of snags
That bully from her sleep and drags
Her in pursuit of the meaning
Of whatever fragment she once was dreaming.
Arrows, Boffins, Castles, and Digits
Elves, Fairies, Gnomes and Hobbits.
In the chaos, there is order
In the maze that is before her.

In Actuality…


Yvonne and Cole

(Today’s snippet from Murder: Run Time Error is inspired by the One-Minute Writer and the Daily Prompt.)

“Care to explain to me why we’re going twenty blocks for dinner,” Cole asked as they waited for the light to change. “The hotel has-.”

Yvonne took to a sprinter’s start once the white figurine across the way appeared. “I know what the hotel has and it isn’t what I want. You owe me your trust with regards to food. This film festival-.”

He stopped in front of a mom-and-pop Italian restaurant and pretended to read the menu. “What’s wrong with the film festival? There’s a little bit of everything and-.”

Yvonne dragged him by the arm. “And it’s how you define a vacation! Honestly, when you said let’s get out of town, I was hoping it would be for something fun and adventurous! Skiing, rafting, sky diving or zip lining!”

He smiled as they came to a halt at yet another light. “I prefer not to watch my life flash before my eyes, thank you. Von, tell me you haven’t found some ultra-healthy, extremely obscure place where I’m supposed to guess the green food.”

She made a face. “I can think of faster ways to kill you. Shut up and no more complaints until after the full course – deal?”

“Only if it also applies from reel to reel,” he countered.

Always and Never


Jacob and Deborah

(Today’s snippet from Crossing Seasons is inspired by the One-Minute Writer and the Daily Prompt.)

Jacob pulled down the fine china. “That isn’t your mother’s recipe is it,” he asked.

“No, it’s my grandmother’s,” Deborah said, adding a bit more salt. “Can’t have a holiday without it.”

“This may be our first Thanksgiving and all, but we may want to consider our own traditions.”

She kissed him on the cheek. “We can begin with the plates. Don’t those belong in a museum?”

He laughed. “These have been in my family as long as that recipe has been in yours.”

“Are you sure you want to start that discussion?” Deborah pointed to the camera atop the bookcase. “Want to set the timer on that? I say our tradition starts now.”

Jacob raised an eyebrow. “A photo?”

“Yes, for every meaningful meal we share during our marriage.”