Z2H – Day 4: Reader

bowl,three Today’s assignment focused on finding new blogs to read. I am not going to do that – I have far too many to try and keep up with as it is.

So, I spent the day reading the blogs of those who kindly follow me on this NaNo-born blog. (And hope to catch up on the Tumblr-side of things soon.)

  • Sheri J Kennedy is an inspirational photographer and writer. I’m thankful and fortunate to be a part of three creative groups with her: SnoValley Writes!, SnoBoot SketchCats and FreeValley Publishing. She challenges me to go beyond the comfort zone in a variety of mediums.
  • Sarah Cradit creates a wonderful world with her many works (The starting volumes stacked for my reading list for this year). The reviews and awards she has earned are well deserved.
  • Chester Maynes‘ poetry is great to read and a motivator for me to create (and share) more of my own rather than the poems penned in the voices of my characters.
  • Becky Due is a delight to read given the frankness and freshness of the items shared. A few of her books on in my stacks for reading, too. Her tagline says it all: “Author in love with life.”
  • Nanushcka chooses words wisely and the posts are great for both the mind and the soul.
  • Finally, Kevin’s Creative Mysteries are enjoyable and educational in the world of storytelling, with flash fiction perfect for a fast read.

So that’s the summary of the assignment that required no writing. In a way, I can’t help but agree with a post on Anglo Swiss World. How will the other assignments look? Will see.

In the meantime, I probably should get back to writing…

Z2H – Day 3 – The Post

1451_692655737430549_1677054129_nThe Day 3 assignment is: Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

Maybe it’s bold of me, to feel confident that one of these stories will reach the perfect reader (or that the reader will find what they are looking for in something I’ve spun). The idea behind this was to share snippets regularly and provide updates on the ‘plotting-to-published.’

I haven’t given up on that goal – that would be illogical.

Right now, the NaNo writing over the past five years have varied from literary fiction to fantasy to mystery. They say it is best to let stories set/ferment before going back to them. So now that I have a nickel-collection, it’s safe to go back to the first story – “Crossing Seasons.”

Hopefully, during this challenge, things will improve with this story – in terms of revisions, sharing, polishing it up to something worthwhile.

Z2H-Day 1 and 2

Kat's in the Bag

Kat’s in the Bag

Belatedly catching up on the Zero-to-Hero challenge (Z2H for short in the post titles).

Day 1’s assignment is “Who are you and why are you  here?” Day 2’s assignment is edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget.

Well, the name’s in the blog title – “Tam Borgia’s NaNoWriMo” All right, Tam Borgia is my nom de plume during National Novel Writing Month. Those closest to me know the ‘true’ history behind the name. Otherwise, I can probably have a different story for each person asking.

Why am I here – or rather this blog? It was during a moment of accountability madness of blogging *while* completing NaNo. It also allows me a chance to collect the projects in one location, share character ideas, snippets and rework them over time.

The story summaries are to the side. Hopefully, during this challenge, more will follow.