Sunday Slow Start

Cover of a yet-to-be-titled NaNo Project by Tam Borgia

Well, just squeaked by to the necessary word count of the day. Not the doubled (or tripled) total I had hoped. However, it is a start.

A wonderfully social Sunday that included following along and participating in NaNoWriMo’s Double-Up Day, a chance to lead a mid-day kick-off session for a few who dropped by, and leading my first ever NaNoWordSprints session (SUCH ducky fun!!).

Good news, I’ve a start and a snippet. First, the start:

Tennyson Swan gripped his worn coffee tumbler, in part preservation of the last perfectly brewed cup of coffee, and part reflex as he read who sent him the over-stuffed envelope.

It was just another name for trouble.

And now (thanks to Syaffolee’s sprint sessions) a snippet:

(Warning, I am not exactly a linear writer – I’m a Plantser, after all!)

Tennyson led Roland to the boxed-filled living room, grabbed a worn, patched-up duffle bag from the far corner. “I keep the valuable stuff in here.”

“Of course, you would,” Roland said. He removed a cloth bundle from the side. “What’s this?”

“It’s a math book from the 30’s. Nothing special.”

Roland removed the many handkerchiefs used to wrap it. The faded dark green cover fared better than the text. Surprisingly, the scent of it was not the moldy or mildewy smell he would expect. The corners were frayed, and the edges of the pages darken by smudges of pencil markings. Other than that, it looked fairly dull.

Roland thumbed through the pages filled with notes, answers, and other markings. “This is what that dufus is annoyed about?”

Tennyson sighed. “It’s childish to keep it, I suppose. Maybe things wouldn’t have been so problematic.”

Roland stared at him. “Say that again?”

“It’s childish to-.”

Roland shook his head. “The second part. Repeat the second part.”

Tennyson’s eyes grew large as he came to the same conclusion as his older brother. “Maybe things wouldn’t have been so problematic.”

Thursday Theme

November Night Fever (Design by Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Quinnleeeee)

November Night Fever (Design by Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Quinnleeeee)

Theme? We’re going theme-less today, unless you happen to have some free time to join us at the Fall City Roadhouse Inn for a night of disco-themed writing! The fun begins at 5 and hope to be stayin’ alive all night!

(On a minor note, while Cole and Yvonne are good friends, and occasionally dance – doubt disco is on their card – yet.)

Wednesday Wandering

Cole and Yvonne

Cole and Yvonne

The word count may be low, but the collection of possibly sensible scenes is high. The highlight of this past week – the discovery of Cole and Yvonne’s relationship.

They’ve been friends since college, even taking a few law classes together. Yvonne stayed on that path and currently works for the city police department. Cole detoured, and continues to change his path as he sees fit.

Alternating between ‘siblings’ and ‘something more,’ only time will tell where these two will stand.

Monday Music

Thanks to BabyFaceBren for posting this. I was listening to this on the way to a write-in at the coffee shop yesterday and discovered that Yvonne is a fan of old Hollywood films, especially Rogers,  Astaire, and Garland, to name a few. And Cole, being the gentleman that he is, doesn’t hesitate to delight her with a night of dancing.

Cole Lipton and Yvonne Quigley

Cole Lipton and Yvonne Quigley

Wednesday Wandering

Elevator Limbo

Made it to a write-in – YAY! Only 700 words while distracted by dinner, weaving in NaNoWordSprint prompts and still no plot. wah.

In short, poor Cole Porter Lipton is in between floors. Or meaningful events. Or… I thought this was going to be a thriller. Still trying to find some sort of plot (or energy to unearth the plot).

What has been learned so far? Cole has a cat named Linus. Don’t know how that came about, but Linus listens as Cole rambles. Or, if Cole were the patient ventriloquist doll, it’s while the puppet-master/writer approaching the block rambles.

See if there is better luck tomorrow.

Saturday Smattering

Late Time

Three and a half hours to go until our region begins the ‘First Words at Midnight’ kick-off gathering at the local coffee shop!

We chat, we plot, we panic, we play! Then at the stroke of midnight, the first clicking of keys, scratching of pens/pencils to paper… Maybe time enough for a word war just because. How long after midnight will this marvelous mayhem last? Who knows.

Those who are saner and sleeping their extra hour tonight will begin at the kickoff brunch at the local inn.

Friday Ficlet


It’s amazing what happens when one sets a timer before bed to just write. No web wandering, book borrowing, game gathering, LO lulling – just writing. Granted, “Write or Die” helped…

“You look downright ragged,” Kai Addison said, gesturing to her boys to take their uncle’s bags. “What, did you forget to get a decent sleeper car like you promised? Settled for a broken chair?”

He rubbed his eyes. “Given the scenery, who could sleep? The ride through Portland was spectacular. We could all go sometime. Not that far of a journey really. Takes you right along the coast in some spots, too.”

“And what reason would we have to go to Portland? Not the Rose Festival; Lucas’ allergies. Not basketball. No one wins like the Sonics did. And not baseball.”

“Oh, I don’t know. There is a lot to do there, Sis. The library, the arts. That one band you like has a show coming up in a few weeks.”

“Probably sold out,” she told him.

“Actually, yeah.” He made a sorrowful face, one she immediately interpreted to mean the opposite.

“What did you do Tenny?” She buckled Madison into the car seat even as the youngster insisted she could do it herself. The boys knew better than to fight for the seat behind their uncle, each child thankfully grabbing their chosen reading material before strapping in.

“Tenny,” she asked again.

“Played the lotto.” He leaned against the window, hair in his face, looking as though he might fall asleep as soon as Kai turned the engine. “Played the lotto and won. What do you say, Kai? Wanna go see ‘em? We could catch up with Lydia and the kids can have their fun and-.”

“Garcia? The first girlfriend you said wasn’t a girlfriend? She’s married. You’ll die at the hands of her husband. Didn’t she marry a football player?”

“Lydia? With a football player? Don’t be stupid! She’s smart, a genius. She married a music major.”

“A music major that would give you a proper tuning, I’m sure!” While Kai didn’t care what time Tenny came in, she regretted the fact that construction projects, not rush hour, would slow their way home away from the city. “I don’t know. Lucas might have to work that weekend, whichever weekend it is and-.”

Tenny yawned. “At least ask him first. Maybe we’ll be lucky and it will be a proper holiday for you guys. You became a more problematic workaholic than I first imagined. What happened to you?”

“Family,” she said. She smiled, seeing her three children engrossed in their words. It was as if they were a small bee’s nest, waiting, humming, before exploding with the rapid fire questions that always came about whenever their favorite uncle came home.