Saturday Stats

IMG_2263 The stats this week weren’t too bad. Not as high as the start, but making the time to write a few words here and there, so no ‘dry days’  yet.

Missed the marathon today, but the day of exploring San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf was worth it! With my partner in crime from the fun fanfic days, we searched for the perfect boat for Terrell Stillman. Learned a few chilling facts about him during a visit to the aquarium (let’s just say that an aquatic animal has displaced my former ‘discomforts.’)

Discovered Paxton does have a limit regarding his level of patience with Paul (and that Paul’s seemingly ‘wallflower/quiet’ personality isn’t as constant as some assumed. Danise prefers the finer things when dining out. Jean has a few talents up her sleeve. Quincy prefers supporting certain street performers. Tonielle is thrifty in how she spoils  her children. Leigh Myriam and Ivan have their special destinations when out on a date (that they’ll deny if ever seen).

This weekend of exploration will uncover other fascinating things, I’m sure.