Monday Music

Thanks to BabyFaceBren for posting this. I was listening to this on the way to a write-in at the coffee shop yesterday and discovered that Yvonne is a fan of old Hollywood films, especially Rogers,  Astaire, and Garland, to name a few. And Cole, being the gentleman that he is, doesn’t hesitate to delight her with a night of dancing.

Cole Lipton and Yvonne Quigley

Cole Lipton and Yvonne Quigley

Dancing Eight-Step

8th floor steps Dancing Eight-Step

Ocho, samane, e-walu, acht

Wyth, ara, otto. ocht,  

So were the numbers recited in sing-song voice

The first of many a linguistic choice.

The melody fit his favorite little ditty

As he loved to walk in the rain in the city.

He remembered the movies of long ago

And for a moment, wanted to be a little rebel colonel.

Upstairs, downstairs, clickety-clack

Concrete, metal, shingles, he’d give a whack.

Tapping on everything here or there

So were the moves of Robinson Astaire

The Joy of Dancing

Enjoyable song, punctuated by graceful dancing by Alan Rickman.

While I’ve ‘casted’ Alan in only one NaNo listed (Call Me, Al), he was an inspiration to another character created for a fantasy series (from a failed script frenzy project).

In both stories, Thomas Alven Sydney and Allen (Atkinson) Yomin love to dance. Dance is/was how Thomas Alven courted Amelia Livingston; dance is  how Atkinson holds on to who he is.