Wednesday Wandering

Cole and Yvonne

Cole and Yvonne

The word count may be low, but the collection of possibly sensible scenes is high. The highlight of this past week – the discovery of Cole and Yvonne’s relationship.

They’ve been friends since college, even taking a few law classes together. Yvonne stayed on that path and currently works for the city police department. Cole detoured, and continues to change his path as he sees fit.

Alternating between ‘siblings’ and ‘something more,’ only time will tell where these two will stand.

Monday Music

Thanks to BabyFaceBren for posting this. I was listening to this on the way to a write-in at the coffee shop yesterday and discovered that Yvonne is a fan of old Hollywood films, especially Rogers,  Astaire, and Garland, to name a few. And Cole, being the gentleman that he is, doesn’t hesitate to delight her with a night of dancing.

Cole Lipton and Yvonne Quigley

Cole Lipton and Yvonne Quigley

It Begins…

March 2014 clean 106Aerie

The nest once belonged to the eagles, three

Until the storm took down the strong oak tree.

The mighty nest came to rest on the ledge below.

Perdita Hermione Denke dared to reach for the center

Of the mighty nest now abandoned

Hoping, convinced the new occupants were better.

Never mind her fear of heights,

Never mind the frequent fights,

Never in her mind did she give up her rights

In knowing that dragons flew throughout the night

And swooped into homes as fairies could

Bestowing charms upon the good.

Of the bad, removed the curses they had

And defended the weak from the evil, strong.

No, Perdita Hermione Denke knew the lies about dragons were completely wrong.

In this aerie, about to be born, just as evening gave way to morn

Would be a dragon she could call her own

And so would begin the greatest adventure ever known.


So begins the Camp NaNo April 2014 adventure: Diary of Dreams.


Today’s snippet is brought to you by the letter “A.”

Saturday Stats

IMG_2263 The stats this week weren’t too bad. Not as high as the start, but making the time to write a few words here and there, so no ‘dry days’  yet.

Missed the marathon today, but the day of exploring San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf was worth it! With my partner in crime from the fun fanfic days, we searched for the perfect boat for Terrell Stillman. Learned a few chilling facts about him during a visit to the aquarium (let’s just say that an aquatic animal has displaced my former ‘discomforts.’)

Discovered Paxton does have a limit regarding his level of patience with Paul (and that Paul’s seemingly ‘wallflower/quiet’ personality isn’t as constant as some assumed. Danise prefers the finer things when dining out. Jean has a few talents up her sleeve. Quincy prefers supporting certain street performers. Tonielle is thrifty in how she spoils  her children. Leigh Myriam and Ivan have their special destinations when out on a date (that they’ll deny if ever seen).

This weekend of exploration will uncover other fascinating things, I’m sure.

Surprising Slips

Philippa Sylvia (Farina) Russell

Philippa Sylvia (Farina) Russell

Well, I’ll be darned. When I wrote an earlier snippet based on various prompts, I claimed that Sylvia didn’t strike me as a major character, the last thing I expected was to discover her as one of the principal ones after all! (Well, actually, Sylvia was already a part of Philippa – a powerful character I thought I knew thoroughly.)

She is the one who loves Vincent unconditionally, giving marriage a second try (versus Vincent’s first). Strong-minded, she sees much of herself in Dorinda, yet respects her husband’s quiet reserve regarding certain matters (ie, Dorinda’s birth mother).

I didn’t expect Philippa to wish to dismiss her first name in favor of her middle name (something that will unwittingly help Dorinda in her pursuit of a truth best left alone) because of the history of fights she used to get into during her school days. (Even her sons have a hard time imagining their mother as one who stood with a fist.)

Today’s meager word count was courtesy of a dare by a cabin-mate (thank you, Skywriter7!) – what can you write in 10 minutes?

Well, below’s the result, which led to the above discovery.

Gathering Winds

Sylvia returned the yearbooks to the bottom shelf of the bookcase, putting them in the proper order so as not to raise suspicion. She couldn’t believe she was doing this – helping her daughter seek out the one that no one spoke about in the house. Not that she was curious or jealous, but Sylvia felt safer knowing certain skeletons remained buried.

It irritated her that her oldest son volunteered to help, if only in the hopes of looking good in a particular politician’s eyes. Why the smartest one was star struck by stupidity was beyond her. That, she’d credit to her ex-husband.

“Hey, Mom,” Edmond said.

Sylvia caught the glass trinket before it hit the floor. “I hate it when you do that.”

“I knocked; no one answered. Dad at work?”

She nodded. “Want to help me keep your siblings out of trouble?”

He laughed, sounding like his father. “That’s a full-time job. Besides, knowing my luck, I’d be caught, framed, then sentenced for life just for meddling in Garrett’s dealings. Why?”

“Dorinda’s up to something.” Sylvia expected the usual brotherly defense, not silence. “What have you been up to?”

Edmond grabbed the softball from the shelf above, tossing it in the air lazily. “Nothing.”

“Your father could hear that lie a mile away.”

“Which one?” He glanced at the yearbooks, then at her before vanishing into the library upstairs. Sylvia was right behind him.

“So help me, I’ll let your father know what you’ve been up to-.”

“Why? Garrett’s already done that – tried to get him involved, I mean. Not too happy about it, either, and it has nothing to do with brown-nosing Lovett.” He grabbed a copy of one of the Lincoln biographies from the nightstand. “Have you tried just asking Vincent?”

“I don’t need to know.”

It was his turn to scoff. “Even he could hear that lie. Keep it up and you’ll be just as obnoxious as the grandparents.”

The back door slammed shut, Donald Russell’s voice rising in volume with every stomp up the stairs. Edmond was already down the stairs, out to the car to help Dorothy Russell into the house.