Thursday Theme

November Night Fever (Design by Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Quinnleeeee)

November Night Fever (Design by Sheri J. Kennedy, aka Quinnleeeee)

Theme? We’re going theme-less today, unless you happen to have some free time to join us at the Fall City Roadhouse Inn for a night of disco-themed writing! The fun begins at 5 and hope to be stayin’ alive all night!

(On a minor note, while Cole and Yvonne are good friends, and occasionally dance – doubt disco is on their card – yet.)

Tuesday Total


15,650 to date.

That’s still below the target number, but at least I got to catch up over the weekend by going to two write-ins. Next possible event – Friday night’s “NaNoRama November Night Fever.” It is a continuation of a tradition our region has. While many writers save up to soar to San Francisco for the Night of Writing Dangerously, we NaNoRhinos gather at the Fall City Roadhouse Inn.

To date, you have heard of Cole, Murray, Nioma and Yvonne. You’ve yet to meet Oliver. (Not to worry; I’m still looking for him.)

Monday Music

Thanks to BabyFaceBren for posting this. I was listening to this on the way to a write-in at the coffee shop yesterday and discovered that Yvonne is a fan of old Hollywood films, especially Rogers,  Astaire, and Garland, to name a few. And Cole, being the gentleman that he is, doesn’t hesitate to delight her with a night of dancing.

Cole Lipton and Yvonne Quigley

Cole Lipton and Yvonne Quigley

Saturday Smattering

Double-Up Day

Great day today. Made it to the write-in at the library, borrowed a laptop to get some writing done (the “Time to Write” USB bracelet is a wonderful thing to have!), and met a new writer or two.

Afterwards, enjoyed a walk to the lake, where I learned a few more things about my main character.

The NaNoWordSprints and Dewey Prompts helped towards day’s end. Total count before the crash – 6010 words. I’m still behind, but the plot’s forming and the story’s moving forward.

Even found a ‘sidekick‘ for Cole. Meet Yvonne –

Yvonne  Quigley

Yvonne Quigley

Wednesday Wandering

Elevator Limbo

Made it to a write-in – YAY! Only 700 words while distracted by dinner, weaving in NaNoWordSprint prompts and still no plot. wah.

In short, poor Cole Porter Lipton is in between floors. Or meaningful events. Or… I thought this was going to be a thriller. Still trying to find some sort of plot (or energy to unearth the plot).

What has been learned so far? Cole has a cat named Linus. Don’t know how that came about, but Linus listens as Cole rambles. Or, if Cole were the patient ventriloquist doll, it’s while the puppet-master/writer approaching the block rambles.

See if there is better luck tomorrow.

Tuesday Total


3200. Three days and this is as far as I’ve gotten. @nanosprints has been helpful, when I’m focused enough to play along. Last night’s Star Trek Nanosprint was a delight! Learned my main characters are sci-fi geeks.

1/10th of the way there – how are you fairing?