P is for Perfect


Patterns too random to see
Every day the same, yet sporadically
Recollections and revelations
From different points of view
Even after conversations have been had;
Connections made, connections broken
Time will tell what mattered, what were tokens.

K is for Kindness


Kai Addison has her best friend, her brother
Iniko has the eons of the mountains
Neither hesitates to stop, to help.
Dorinda has her beliefs; Deborah has her spouse
Neither restricts family to blood alone.
Everyone within their circle, without, gets a kind word
Support – seen and unseen
Smiles, a simple gesture, to knit a stronger world.

J is for Justice


Juries can’t always cast their vote
Unjust rulings can choke one’s throat
Secret sins might not see daylight
Time may or may not heal all wounds
Innocence is for whom the crier booms
Courts extend beyond the walls
Every wrong deserves a right – that’s all.