Dog Gone: It

Photo by Jayden Burdick on

“Dog’s gone again, Mom!”

Amelia sighed, putting the pen down on her diary. “You two said you’d look after It!”

“I was,” her youngest whined. “And then I blinked.”

“And then you blinked,” she whispered to herself. “Well, do you want to go look for It before or after you make ‘Lost Dog’ posters?”

“It’ll come home,” her eldest said, a hint of hope and doubt. “I still have the posters from last time.”

Amelia smiled. “Of course you do, dear. Get your jacket. I’ll get the sturdy leash. Cost of the kennel is coming out of both of your allowances!”

She never wanted a dog, still couldn’t figure out how or why her ex got a dog, and worse still, why the dog didn’t go with him.