Sunday Snippet

Fresh Starts 1.2020 by Tommia Wright

A fresh pot of coffee was out of the question, given that the last of the grounds were now compost in the garden. Time for discipline, Kai Addison thought. Finish the first few pages of her project, fueled by the sufferable remaining cup of cold caffeine in front of her, then reward herself with a trip to main street.

She hadn’t quite gotten a clear lay of the land, as her uncle would say. However, she knew there had to be a decent coffee shop or two to try. Maybe she could find a safe path to take up running again. Goodness knew she had plenty of time now, until she actively started looking for work – another mission for main street.

Kai Addison could adapt, had always adapted. New town, new start, and plenty of fresh possibilities.

Jolly January

This Writer’s Desk

Well, how to define the fun silly goals of 2021?

  • Sign up for the 1-Million Words challenge
  • Sign up for the Write a Novel in 2021 challenge
  • Sign up for the Shut Up & Write challenge

And that’s just the beginning.

How about you? What wordsmithing mischief do you have planned?