Sunday Snippet

Frozen Leaves November 2020 by Tommia Wright

Everything scattered about the living room, clothes piled in one corner, books stacked in others and every smaller box now a wall of mess in between, the brothers weren’t any closer than when they started.

“What do you mean you left the leather box with Sharon,” Tennyson bemoaned. “You know she’ll sell anything she can! And you call me the reckless one!”

Roland rubbed his temples. “Look, Madison saw something she loved – you know, Grandma’s pink glass leaf pin. Sharon insisted on a trade. I thought I got it back.”

Tennyson flopped down into the armchair. “See, this is why I keep my prized things in a storage unit that only Ursula has a key to! Well, we’re not going to get it back mow, so time to scour the thrift shops and hope.”

Kai Addison came in with the pizza boxes. “A duo of debating dunces with how many degrees between you? Call Ursula first.” After a pause, she added, “Your sister’s saved more of your treasures more often than you’ll know.”

Roland looked at his wife. “You say that like there’s a secret delight in that.”

Kai smiled. “Only because I know I’m an angel. That and I’ve my super powers, dear. If this is the leather box your father used to keep his chess set in, Ursula rescued it. Or, your parents found it and took it back.”

Tennyson frowned. “That’s worse. For you, not for me, big brother. If my tiny twin did some serious secret spy stealing, we owe her big time. Big as in I owe her that trip to Australia big.”

They had their pizza and wine in silence.

After a while, Roland asked, “Why Australia?”

“Big Apple, Big Ben, Big Buddha, Great Wall – big deal. She’s always loved the idea since reading that novel, Paperback Hero.” He caught Kai Addison’s expression. “What?”

“Oh, no, fellas. Only one mystery at a time for you. G’night.”

Friday’s So Far…

Well, not nearly as many words as I should have for today (10,000), but at least a few characters are settling in, the house renovations are going up and a murdered soul has fallen down.

How are you doing so far?

Thursday Theme

Welp, Day 5 and I’m just jotting a few words down, not quite meeting the daily goal as planned. Is the whole story washed up, ideas going down the drain? I don’t think so.

Then again, I never seldom pay attention to any themes in my stories.

How about you, dear writer?

Tuesday Tunes Day

Every story I write comes along with a soundtrack in my mind. Sometimes, I’ll know immediately the style of music to go with the story. Other times, I can identify which artist I’ll feature most.

So far, this story is not only without a title, it has a ‘work-in-progress’ soundtrack. Hopefully it will take better shape as the story moves along.

How about you, dear writer? Do you have a soundtrack to accompany your story, or do you prefer to write in silence?

Monday’s ‘Meet the Characters’

Tennyson Swan

Tennyson started it!

Well, he’s the one who received the packet that begins the mysterious adventure for the Swans.

Restless, he’s forever traveling to different destinations around the world. He has (according to his sister-in-law) the ‘decency’ to keep a post office box current and a studio apartment for when he does ‘come home.’

However, a choice in his past, and an uncertain future present themselves to him and it may finally be time for Tennyson to tell his older brother the truth.

Roland Swan

Roland Swan’s life is off balance now that he’s lost his job, lost his home, and is about to lose his mind.

As the responsible, older son in the family, the last thing he needs, or wants, is to hear from his brother from who-knows-where. When he does fly out to bail Tennyson one more time, it may be that it’s Tennyson who will support him this time around.

Question is (even if Roland already knows the answer), will his wife, Kai Addison agree?

Kai Addison Takei Swan

Kai Addison grew up with the Swans, given her parents and their parents owned a business together.

Of the two, Kai fell in love with Roland, and his love of literature and academia. Whenever conflict rises between the two, she is almost always the one to right the scales, settle the argument, and push the guys back on their destined paths.

After all, creative souls live life much better with as little drama as possible (unless she’s penning it, of course).

Sunday Slow Start

Cover of a yet-to-be-titled NaNo Project by Tam Borgia

Well, just squeaked by to the necessary word count of the day. Not the doubled (or tripled) total I had hoped. However, it is a start.

A wonderfully social Sunday that included following along and participating in NaNoWriMo’s Double-Up Day, a chance to lead a mid-day kick-off session for a few who dropped by, and leading my first ever NaNoWordSprints session (SUCH ducky fun!!).

Good news, I’ve a start and a snippet. First, the start:

Tennyson Swan gripped his worn coffee tumbler, in part preservation of the last perfectly brewed cup of coffee, and part reflex as he read who sent him the over-stuffed envelope.

It was just another name for trouble.

And now (thanks to Syaffolee’s sprint sessions) a snippet:

(Warning, I am not exactly a linear writer – I’m a Plantser, after all!)

Tennyson led Roland to the boxed-filled living room, grabbed a worn, patched-up duffle bag from the far corner. “I keep the valuable stuff in here.”

“Of course, you would,” Roland said. He removed a cloth bundle from the side. “What’s this?”

“It’s a math book from the 30’s. Nothing special.”

Roland removed the many handkerchiefs used to wrap it. The faded dark green cover fared better than the text. Surprisingly, the scent of it was not the moldy or mildewy smell he would expect. The corners were frayed, and the edges of the pages darken by smudges of pencil markings. Other than that, it looked fairly dull.

Roland thumbed through the pages filled with notes, answers, and other markings. “This is what that dufus is annoyed about?”

Tennyson sighed. “It’s childish to keep it, I suppose. Maybe things wouldn’t have been so problematic.”

Roland stared at him. “Say that again?”

“It’s childish to-.”

Roland shook his head. “The second part. Repeat the second part.”

Tennyson’s eyes grew large as he came to the same conclusion as his older brother. “Maybe things wouldn’t have been so problematic.”