Mischief Re-Shaped

Well, the good news is that daily writing happened all of this month.

The odd news – this project went title-less for an entire month! (The series title, however, was found!)

The Swans set the stage with setting up a new bed-and-breakfast, an unexpected kitten/cat collection, and a few new paths for them to enjoy. Seeds of other stories already written (and most likely to be rewritten) were sown, with a few unexpected connections and fun surprises!

Tennyson Swan’s wanderlust slowed enough to almost give up the studio apartment and claim a space of his own on the new property.

Ursula Swan’s negotiating skills not only lead a path for her to transfer her studies – she discovers a new mentor with whom to see the world with.

Roland Swan’s loss of a teaching job, and adjustment to that, opened the door to new hobbies and opportunities.

Kai Addison’s sleuthing and applying her previous-job disciplines to the tasks led to the joy of creating something new.

And of course, Nathan, Madison and Lucas have had their fair share of stirring things up, with a ‘few’ cats and kittens found along the way.

How did you do, fellow writer? Now that you have a rhythm, or even had a chance to write the story that is your own, what will December bring?