Saturday Snippet

Kit and Kat Year One

Inspired by the “Anything You Want” prompt of the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, “Make sure your character has a mind of their own. What did they do that surprised you? Give them the reigns.” and the “Sir-Pens-A-Lot Jousting,” “Use the word ‘Joust’ and/or write a scene where your characters do some word jousting “

Kai Addison picked up the two smallest kittens. ‘Laddie’ and ‘Mucus,’ names given by big brother, Nathan. Sometimes, her children scared her, in a good way. How many cat and kittens have the three of them gathered and stowed away in the upper-most room, she wondered?

On the positive side, no mice.

“For a moment, I saw the little girl who wanted to be a veterinarian,” a woman’s voice said behind her.


“Or was that Dr. Uhura Doolittle. You always did have an active imagination.”

Kai Addison smiled. “I still love science. Just not enough to pursue a proper profession in it.”

“Who said anything about a ‘proper profession?’ Anyway, have you and Roland decided what you’re going to do with all of these felines?”

She nodded. “I’m giving the kids a reference book or two for them to name the cats and hopefully give them away. Madison’s pretty good at bartering.”

“Like mother, like daughter,” her mom said. “What did Maddie gain?”

“Duck slippers,” Kai answered, pointing to the pair under the coffee table. Off the look on her mother’s face, “They’re for Roland,” she added.

Her mother reached under the table and grabbed not the slippers, but the small duffle bag that fell beside it.

“No, not that,” Kai said, her voice reverting, for a fleeting moment, to that of a child whose secret was about to be found out.

Of course, Kai Addison knew she didn’t stand a chance against her mother, who already had the items unpacked and laid out on the floor in the space between them.

“These are beautiful tokens, Kai. The attention to detail with the lances…amazing. Set up the board. I’m going to make us some tea.”

Kai Addison smiled. There was no backing out of this now.

After the second pot of tea was finished, her mother shook her head, token in hand. “No, that answer’s right, so I should be allowed to go forward.”

“It was in the wrong language, though, Mom. You’re got the Spanish Colors. Therefore-.”

“Don’t ‘therefore’ me, dear. I had the Scribe on my side and that should have worked with the translation and-.”

“But, your scribe was jailed for treason and-.”

“My scribe wouldn’t have been jailed if your knight hadn’t lost the original map! This… Fine. I’m how many moves away before getting out of my dungeon?” She held her hand over the cards. “By way of eagle.”

Kai sighed. “That’s a multi-part question, Mom and if you get one wrong-.”

“Remember who taught you the basics, dear. Gauntlet’s been thrown.”