Thursday Snippet

Inspired by the following virtual scavenger hunt: What if your character took a different turn? Or how do they react to missing a turn?

Kai Addison picked up the paint brush debating whether to continue the project she and Roland started together or create something new.

She opted for new.

As the field and stars took shape, she pondered what would have happened if she and Roland had gone on to art school as planned. She had set her sights on working for one of the best animation companies in history and he wanted to illustrate children’s books, in partnership with as many storytellers as possible – preferably children themselves.

If it hadn’t been for the incident at the fruit stand so many years ago, they might have been there. She knew the full truth, of what Roland wasn’t telling her. She knew why it had stopped his heart cold and why the nightmares flared of how things could have gone terribly wrong, with no escape to peace of mind in sight.

She also knew enough to push him from the unhealthy standstill.

As she painted her favorite nebula, she smiled, realizing she escaped the nonsense of working for a rat of a company that failed to pay its creators what they were rightfully owed.

Some things did turn out for the best.