Monday Mini

Rediscovered Lost Things from TBD

Yes, I’ve been slacking on my posts here. Alas, the Blogging Muse has been fleeting. However, thanks to the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, did discover a few more fun trivial items about Roland and Kai Addison Swan!

The prompt is BRUSH: Brush with greatness or give someone the brush-off.

Kai Addison finally found him in the caretaker’s house. She watched him silently from the entrance as he straightened out the now-cleaned brushes the children left out. He’d hold one for a while, with a faraway expression on his face, then put the brush into the ceramic cup.

“You’re a hard man to find, Mr. Swan.”

He turned and smiled – that same smile she saw through whenever he wanted to avoid something. “You succeeded, my dear. I must not have hid myself well enough.”

Kai Addison crossed her arms, still not entering the space. “Remember the time we used every paintbrush we had to recreate that Arthur Wardle portrait we loved? The one we saw in London?”

He nodded. “The dogs and the torn up book. We ended up with our own version of the 101 Dalmatians reading racing forms instead.”

“We had fun sketching silliness back then. What happened with that?”

“Life. Kids.” Roland shrugged. “I don’t have the time to-.”

Kai Addison crossed the threshold then slammed the door behind her. “Liar! Don’t dismiss me like some sort of annoyance! I was there, remember? I’ve always been here. And, contrary to your imaginary tormentor, I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.”


“Don’t ‘Kai’ me. We both lost our jobs, but that isn’t what identifies us! And you’re…you’re acting like some… some stay-at-home duck, waddling and quacking about into the madness. Stop it!

“All those times we said ‘someday, we’ll…’ Sweetheart, ‘someday’ is now. This is our fresh start. You, me, a teen, and two sets of twins – just a bunch of lucky ducks muddling through all of this. Life doesn’t come with a ‘paint by numbers’ guide.”

Roland glanced at her before staring at his scarred hand. After a while, and after Kai Addison pulled up a chair at the table, did he finally sit down to join her. He reached across and took both of her hands in his.

“Kai…what if…what if I start talking about my fears and I never stop? The fear, of all of it happening again, yet worse…what if it never stops?”