Wednesday Words

(Inspired by ML Quinnleeeee’s prompt from the virtual scavenger hunt)

Kai Addison skimmed the remaining pages of the book before setting it down. Picking up her notebook, she jotted down some of the key elements from the chapter about Tafl games, then reviewed her notes about the different chess sets found so far.

She knew the pattern was within her grasp, but something was still missing.

Under the coffee table, she saw the idea book that Nathan helped the younger kids put together to go with the plank set he gave them from shop class. Lucas’s designs consisted of racing tracks for his cars. Madison’s focused on tunnels.

Nathan’s was more intricate. The chutes and towers he made were anything but simple. Obviously, his challenge was to use all the pieces available.

As Kai Addison stared at the schematics, the better her own idea grew.

She may have found the elusive pattern to the puzzle.

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