Monday’s ‘Meet the Characters’

Tennyson Swan

Tennyson started it!

Well, he’s the one who received the packet that begins the mysterious adventure for the Swans.

Restless, he’s forever traveling to different destinations around the world. He has (according to his sister-in-law) the ‘decency’ to keep a post office box current and a studio apartment for when he does ‘come home.’

However, a choice in his past, and an uncertain future present themselves to him and it may finally be time for Tennyson to tell his older brother the truth.

Roland Swan

Roland Swan’s life is off balance now that he’s lost his job, lost his home, and is about to lose his mind.

As the responsible, older son in the family, the last thing he needs, or wants, is to hear from his brother from who-knows-where. When he does fly out to bail Tennyson one more time, it may be that it’s Tennyson who will support him this time around.

Question is (even if Roland already knows the answer), will his wife, Kai Addison agree?

Kai Addison Takei Swan

Kai Addison grew up with the Swans, given her parents and their parents owned a business together.

Of the two, Kai fell in love with Roland, and his love of literature and academia. Whenever conflict rises between the two, she is almost always the one to right the scales, settle the argument, and push the guys back on their destined paths.

After all, creative souls live life much better with as little drama as possible (unless she’s penning it, of course).