Sunday Slow Start

Cover of a yet-to-be-titled NaNo Project by Tam Borgia

Well, just squeaked by to the necessary word count of the day. Not the doubled (or tripled) total I had hoped. However, it is a start.

A wonderfully social Sunday that included following along and participating in NaNoWriMo’s Double-Up Day, a chance to lead a mid-day kick-off session for a few who dropped by, and leading my first ever NaNoWordSprints session (SUCH ducky fun!!).

Good news, I’ve a start and a snippet. First, the start:

Tennyson Swan gripped his worn coffee tumbler, in part preservation of the last perfectly brewed cup of coffee, and part reflex as he read who sent him the over-stuffed envelope.

It was just another name for trouble.

And now (thanks to Syaffolee’s sprint sessions) a snippet:

(Warning, I am not exactly a linear writer – I’m a Plantser, after all!)

Tennyson led Roland to the boxed-filled living room, grabbed a worn, patched-up duffle bag from the far corner. “I keep the valuable stuff in here.”

“Of course, you would,” Roland said. He removed a cloth bundle from the side. “What’s this?”

“It’s a math book from the 30’s. Nothing special.”

Roland removed the many handkerchiefs used to wrap it. The faded dark green cover fared better than the text. Surprisingly, the scent of it was not the moldy or mildewy smell he would expect. The corners were frayed, and the edges of the pages darken by smudges of pencil markings. Other than that, it looked fairly dull.

Roland thumbed through the pages filled with notes, answers, and other markings. “This is what that dufus is annoyed about?”

Tennyson sighed. “It’s childish to keep it, I suppose. Maybe things wouldn’t have been so problematic.”

Roland stared at him. “Say that again?”

“It’s childish to-.”

Roland shook his head. “The second part. Repeat the second part.”

Tennyson’s eyes grew large as he came to the same conclusion as his older brother. “Maybe things wouldn’t have been so problematic.”