Less than 48 Hours

I’m not ready!!!!!

No, seriously, the ML Tech stuff is prepped (kinda).

The schedule’s set (sorta).

The soundtracks chosen (maybe).

The postcards, treats, prompts are ready (possibly)

What am I missing…..?

Tip-Top Tuesday

It’s Mad Hatter Day!

Do your characters have their favorite hats or head coverings to wear? Do any of them have special meaning or is it just for practicaility?

Or, on another fun note – do your characters have favorite childhood stories that they re-read or can recite from at the drop of a hat?

Silly Sunday

Photo by Hana Brannigan on Pexels.com

It’s National Taco Day (as well as National Golf Day and Vodka Day – don’t know if the last two often get paired together.)

Do your characters have their favorite foods or style of foods they have yet to try?

What are their comfort foods, their favorite recipes to make? Or are they more of the ‘support other cooks’ type?