Wednesday Words

Gone Gated Door

“Let me tell you about my kid brother. Always followed me, he did. I went to New London; he did, too. I toyed with the idea of  and successfully conned my way into reserving land during my wild youth. He ‘went off the reservation’ for a season.

“I decided to volunteer for the advocacy; he did, too. I traveled the world capturing atrocities on film; he did, too. For a while, I headed a news company; he took to the same trade, other side of the screen.

“I drove myself to utter madness while looking into a lover’s eyes; a loved one saw the madness in his.

“You think these are the ramblings of one who’s had too much to drink, looking to find someplace new to sleep instead of breaking through the locked gate.

“I’m not the one locked in a prison.”

(From “Quietus: Quintet’s Demise)


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