Reading Corner by Tommia Wright

“Books won’t stay banned. They won’t burn. Ideas won’t go to jail.” ~Alfred Whitney Griswold

(Extended Exposure)

Rita Freemont held her taser, finger poised on the button. Scully’s silence only increased her heart rate as she pushed the door open, thankful it didn’t creak this time.

She scanned the living room first, frowning. Most break-ins resulted in things taken. Dozens of plastic bags piled upon and all around her coffee table was the last thing she expected. It was senseless to remain in her apartment if it meant more unusual finds.

Rita backed out of the apartment, deciding it was best to call the police from her neighbor’s place. Taser back in her purse, other hand poised to knock on the door, she could hear the familiar yipping of her little rescue mutt.

Jared Russell juggled another half-dozen bags with Scully in tow.

“Did your landlord kick you out,” she quipped, grabbing a couple of the bags from him then leading the way back inside, securing the door this time behind them.

Her fiance shook his head “The moronic mob wanted to clear the alternative high school of any and all ‘questionable, demonic texts’ from their library. Some of the kids and I threw as many as we could into my car, the principal’s car, and anyone else’s in the area.”

“Why didn’t they just lock the doors and call the police?” Rita sorted the books so none of the paperbacks were folded under the weight.

“What good would keys do when it’s the damn janitor’s leading the charge? Don’t worry, sheriff’s on his way, but still… Do you know how long it took just to get the library to the state it was in now? Idiots want a bonfire, they could drive out to the beach like everyone else and roast their own marshmallow brains.”

“Which section did you manage to abscond with?”

Jared’s lip curled up. “The Banned Books display collection, law, and science. Heaven forbid if the kids learn anything practical, right?”