X Marks the Spot


X Marks the Spot

“Any life is made up of a single moment, the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Ashley set the fountain pen in the pencil tray, the leather journal in the secret compartment, lowered the roll-top of the antique mahogany writing desk, and then slowly secured it with the simple key, enjoying the slight click of the lock. The key was tucked back into the pocket of the felt-base of the miniature globe paperweight on top of the desk – a gift from Christina’s nieces and nephews. 

So many conversations, so many new family friends – each adding a sparkling star of their own. More than half a dozen sets of clusters creating their own mosaic, separate, yet connected. He smiled as he carried the compact photo album to the upper-most room.

He threw a couple of pillows onto the bordered rug with an ‘X’ in the middle.  Grabbing the homemade quilt, pieced from many memories that Mama Gordon kept track of, Ashley loved how the puzzle was finally coming together.

Looking up through the glass ceiling, he saw a new constellation emerging in his mind’s eye. Surrounded and protected by two families here, a deeper understanding of two families that made up his own, nothing was as ‘pure and simple’ as he had tried to define it. No matter how many times his heart went back and forth in wishing things were as he had imagined, he could finally focus on what was coming to the center.

Ashley Charon Emery knew who he was.