Wants and Wishes



“It is true, I want a great many things I haven’t got, but I don’t want them enough to be discontented and not enjoy the many blessings that are mine.” ~Elinore Pruitt Stewart

Ashley unwrapped the pocket watch he bought in Italy. “I saw this and thought it would be perfect for you – you know, as you continue your pursuit of justice.”

Evan held the crafted timepiece. “I can’t-.”

“Sure you can. How many times have you pulled me from the brink or pushed me towards the next finish line when all I wanted was to disappear? You, your family – sorry, our family,” Ashley laughed, “gave me the foundation to focus on the here and now. This whole ‘going around the world in 80 days’ routine…I truly realized what blessings I have here, with and because of you.”

Evan put an arm around him. “I guess Faith and Fate have a way of giving us what we need, despite our wants. I used to regret opening that can of worms, thinking that if I redirected my wrath, something good could come out of it.”

Ashley shrugged. “I suspected, retreated to my preferred realities and you helped start the fight against the dragons. Thanks for giving me the sword to finish it off. Kind of reminds me of that trick you pulled to get me onto the track field that day.”

Evan held out the pocket watch like a stopwatch. “Someone had to give a running start to shattering records of old.”


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