“Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.” ~ Plato

“Charon,” Evan said aloud. “How on earth, d–n pun, did you end up with a moon for a middle name?”

Ashley handed him one of his most treasured books. “Grandpa’s love of the stars. That and I was born the year that Pluto’s moon was discovered, so… According to Uncle Jerry, it was also a compromise of sorts in being named after Great-Aunt Sharon.”

“Oh, how I loved star-gazing with them. No matter where we traveled, we would stop by the main libraries, the aquariums, the museums, and the science centers. Every time. When we traveled through Texas, along Route 66, we stopped and visited the science center near there. To see so much astronomical history there… I don’t know, I guess I’m a space case of sorts sometimes, huh?”

Evan smiled as he skimmed through the resource book. “You were always that and you still are. It could be worse. At least you’ve set your sights on something higher rather than looking down at your feet. So, the room upstairs really isn’t meant to be a sunroom, is it?”

“There’s supposed to be an awesome meteor shower tonight – unless you’re in a hurry to get -.”

“Dress warmly. If we’re stargazing, you know I’m dragging out Sis and all of the kids and we have a very clear view, too. Time to start making some new memories and traditions.”


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