Folding Solutions


Florida 2

“The moon looks upon many night flowers. But the night flowers see but one moon.” ~Jean Ingelow

“They included a puzzle card inside the dust jacket of the books mailed. When they were in Florida, there was a story about a NASA Physicist who became an origami champion. He helped solve a challenge later.” Ashley held up a paper flamingo. “That story inspired them to up the puzzle game.”

Evan watched, amused as the stacking of books brought back memories of a youth long gone and college. “Are you sure it would be worth a trip to Florida if the only thing you’re going to be drawn to is the stars?”

“You know me, Space Cadet and proud of it.” He rearranged some piles. “Constellations! The secondary code is in the stars! Now, which one in the menagerie gets to be untangled…?