Emerging Mystery



“It is impossible to repent of love. The sin of love does not exist.”
~ Muriel Spark

Evan Gordon reviewed the first few shelves before he picked up a copy of Sherlock Holmes. “There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask,” he said before joining Christina and Ashley at the puzzle table. “How in the world did you pass your geography tests with a deck of literature cards? It’s been ticking off my little sister for years.”

“It’s Papa Gordon’s doing,” he said. “Whenever we did the whole flashcard game when we were younger, he always framed my questions as ‘where in the world.’ Edinburgh was my favorite. Covered every genre.”

Christina shook her head. “No wonder your answers never made any sense to me. Which Nonni pair set you up for that, first?”

He shrugged. “Sharon had a hand in it, too. I stared at that sketch and every single one I could find in my collection. There’s another puzzle there and I can’t seem to find it.”

“You’re trying too hard, Ash. How do you think Watson would handle it?”

“Dig down into the facts, look for the hidden layers beyond the obvious and-.” He bolted up from the table, knocking edge pieces onto the floor. “It was right there. It was right there when she…”

He returned with a stack of the most recent letters from Grandma Emery. “Of course! Question is, what did I do with those cards?”

Christina glanced at the letters. “It’s all Greek to me.”

Evan picked up the letter, only to see the last line written in another language. He tossed it Christina’s way. “What are you up to, Ash?”

He returned with a couple of baggies filled with pieces of cardboard in them. “Her last line has been the same for the last… ‘Remember the cards. Remember the combos.’ She gave me these mind game pieces years ago. Then, Grandpa Emery gave me some more a few years later. Christina, what are the first numbers drawn in the margin?”

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