Let the madness begin…

Camp NaNo & Blogging from A to Z equals… Snippets from this year’s story, complete with postcard images.



What Adventures Await?

“Honesty saves everyone’s time.” ~Anonymous

“It started with Alaska,” Ashley said as he gave Christina his copy of Call of the Wild. “Grandpa and Grandma Emery vowed that they would visit all fifty states before they had children.”

“How far did they get?”

“Forty-four states before Uncle Mike was born. They missed the whole New England corner. That was where we were going to go, the three of us, when…” He stared at the book. “You can keep that one if you like.”

Ashley knew she could, would head slap him if he didn’t move fast enough, so he stepped towards the other side of the library. “Look, if your daughter’s serious about majoring in geophysics, the least I can do is spoiler her with a good book or few to read in between assigned work. Call it paying it forward.”

He leveled his gaze to her hands and watched as she opened the book. “Let’s call it evidence to have you evaluated. Are you nuts? This is a first edition copy!”

He shrugged as she walked towards him. “Then she’s set for her Ph.D. Look, there are some other titles she might like and-.” He sighed as Christina took his hand and led him to the window seat. “What?”

“You tell me. What’s really going on? I mean, let’s be serious here. Honesty saves everyone’s time.” She smiled. “And maybe a life, or two.”

He smiled back; her smile was infectious. “So, you’re telling me I get to have my own ‘1001 Arabian Nights,’ eh? Do you want the postcard edition, the trinkets edition, or the monthly book gift edition?”

“Surprise me.”