Discoveries So Far…


Ashley Charon Emery

Books 1 and 2 had a stronger focus on Evan and Christina, respectively. Book 3 was taken over by Wilders and the Wolves. (Here’s the Pinterest Board Collection)

This time, it’s Ashley Charon Emery’s turn. Want a small snippet snapshot summary?

Youthful memories

Saturday Shuffle

What Adventures Await cover

It’s the little things…

The joy of receiving a new book (by N.K. Jemesin, no less!!) is that in it’s unwrapped form, it makes a great prop for structuring the cover for this season’s Camp NaNo project!

Might need to backtrack and create covers for the other books of this series…will see.


After the cover shoot, time to update the Avatar.


Kit’s turn to be featured (and no, he wasn’t too keen on it). Once the halo was added, he was fine.

And finally, put the finishing touches on the soundtrack.

April’s for Fools…like me.

1a-to-z HEADER [2020] to size v2


Doubling down on foolishness this April: My Camp NaNoWriMo and Blogging from A-to-Z challenge will consist of… Postcards!

The fourth installment of the ‘created in Camp NaNo’ series, “What Adventures Await?” focuses on Ashley Charon Emery’s recollections and research of the various postcards and other missives he’s received from his grandparents over the years as well as recent cards from his created family.

So, starting in April (excluding Sundays), a postcard with a tangent to that day’s letter will be part of the story.

Let’s see… what could possibly go wrong?