Sunday Snippet




Professor Wilder


“The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.”

Professor Wilder wrote the quote on the board then drew his customary two lines underneath. “You know the drill – fifteen minutes and no Googling. Go.”

He walked the parameter of the classroom, checking for any brats daring to browse the source than writing their response. He’d kicked out three students last week for their foolishness. Satisfied that they were on task, he focused on one of his Core Four.

The svelte scribe hunched over, scratching pen to paper in a standard notebook, never used a computer.  Letters neatly took shape, never once smudged, but usually, all too frequently crossed out with one thin line.

Not this time, Wilder noticed. He’d definitely have to collect the papers to see what was chosen.

“Time,” he said. “Pens down, hands up and two points up for grabs – who said it?”