SaD – Aphorisms


All right, there’s some serious catching up to do in the converting of the handwriting-to-typing-for-post deal… There’s just something to be said for playing with new pens and journals, though!!

The prompt for today was to use an aphorism and there were different ways it could be done.


Hope Against a Hydra

“Going somewhere without telling me or letting me give you a lift,” Evan asked as he stepped in front of Ashley’s bike, grabbing the handlebars with one hand and yanking the backpack off his friend with the other, just trying to be-.

“Down in the valley, the valley so low; hang your head over, hear the wind blow,” the teen sang quickly, softly, pretending not to hear or see him, so skinny and afraid.

The nervous tick was something Evan recognized, despite the soothing tone of the singer hoping to hide behind the notes; the fidgeting of the ring on his right hand, that once had a quote etched on the outer side – now only one word remaining could be-.

“‘Rabbit’ gonna fade away next, if you’re not careful,” Evan warned, “then you’ll be left with imaging the saying, left imagining what could have anchored you and it may just be the very-.”

“Hole in the ground,” Ashley whispered, “doll fell down, I’m afraid.”

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