SaD – Muddle in the Middle


Muddled Meddler –

Christine punched Ashley in the arm. “Why?!”

“Why not,” he asked, moving to her other side. “She asked; I said yes. I’m not backing down.”

“Just set yourself to be beaten up, is that it?”

He shrugged. “Not like I’ve not had practice. Would you rather I ask her to ask you, instead?”

Christine shook her head, still sore that her best friend didn’t feel safe enough to confide in her. She wondered if Evan felt the same way sometimes. “They’ll continue to eat you alive.”

“If the idiots didn’t demand she has to attend that location-.”

“I might know someone on the other side of town. It would require a few busses to get there, but-.”

Ashley nodded. “See if she’s open to it. Keep me out of it.”

“Why,” she asked, aware of a few reasons why.

He playfully pushed her with his shoulder. “Why not?”

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