SaD – Dialogue


Today’s prompt was to focus on dialogue within a story. Well, with what few remaining brain cells there were, here it is:



The two of them continued their chess game in the library, the midday sun warming them. Evan moved his pawn into position. “I don’t like the idea of manipulating someone; it’s underhanded.”

His grandmother took the pawn with ease, certain there was a fifty-fifty chance he’d move one of three pieces she already had countermoves planned for. “Are you talking about someone you know, or just dissecting current debates in general?”

“Both. For example, the mandatory reporting law…” He moved his knight into position. “Tell me again why we haven’t made the call? What are we waiting for, something worse than what’s happened already?”

“So, law’s worth more than logic?” She positioned her queen for the double-threat.

Evan shook his head. “Doing what’s right, what’s necessary… I hate doing nothing, that’s all. And I can’t continue keeping my hopes…my opinions to myself in terms of what he should be doing to save himself.” He moved the bishop. “It’s so clear!”

She smiled inwardly. Bishop was open, and check was within sight. “He may already know what he needs to do. Maybe, he’s already tried it, too. You’re focused on one option only.”

“That’s not true. And before you say it, no, I’m not like Mom. I’m not trying to save everyone.” One pawn, one square off.

“Honey, you can’t lie to me. You’re my daughter’s child with her grandfather’s soul – bless him.” She took one more piece, chipping away at his options without him realizing it. “What he needs is something you’re already giving him. Keep that path open.”

He frowned as the knight fell. “Tell me again how I ended up between two friends who are complete opposites?”

“Because, you have a way of centering them when their souls are in turmoil. That, and you’re the big brother they need.” She put a weathered hand atop his. “He’s dealing with enough forces that would have torn any other child apart. Think of your uncle, the choices he made.”

“Sometimes, that’s why I’m trying to tell him-.” She moved her queen in for the checkmate. “Nana, that’s not funny. You distracted me.”

“Did I, now?” With that, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, then pointed to the storage bench and bookcase in the corner. “Move those things someplace else. I’ve a feeling you’re going to want to share that with a friend in need very soon.”

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