SaD – Conflict


Today’s challenge – Conflict. I was torn on this one – cathartic writing anticipating a dreadful obligation or a simple argument between characters… Decided on this one.




Christine knew better than to wait until the last minute. Death was the second worst fate next to failing. She had a near-perfect score that would soon be at risk.

Yet the curriculum, the class, the teacher, bored her to tears.

The report could have, would have ruined a musical she had enjoyed for years, a musical she and her brothers and sister played every summer without fail. Yet leave it to Instructor Incompetent to give the most asinine assignment ever: What was the initial problem between the two main characters?

Christine didn’t have time to put the details and supporting evidence into a project given on a whim and due by the end of the week (aka, Friday, the day after it was assigned, as in two minutes before dismissal bell). Christine found a more enlightening collection of questions and topics to apply to the classic. Of course, they were logical ideas, hence never once considered by the instructor.

The clock chimed midnight and Christine was still engaged in the book she was reading, one that Evan’s oldest sister lent her. To finish one more chapter or complete the stupid paper…how was that even a choice?

The moment another chapter was finished, Christine decided ‘just one more; that’s what coffee was for.’ Soon, it was two.

Aware that at least a nap would be essential to focus on the math quiz, Christine resigned herself to the stupid paper at last, writing twenty words down, twenty-one counting the title.

  • The problem? Different pages. Harold Hill, the music man, needed to take note that Marian, the Librarian’s life was booked.