SaD – Two Characters


All right, so today’s challenge was a story involving two characters and writing outside of your comfort zone – ie change your style. Well, one out of two ain’t bad…


She didn’t have time for this. Her routine was simple – classes, library, work, sleep. The only change was where family day was going to be held and with whom. It was her Uncle Chico who called dibs on brunch. It was her uncle who defended her from her parents when the question of dating came up.

It was her uncle who asked her for this small favor. And that was why she was stuck, at the city park, looking for a member in the unofficial chess club.

“Hey, Evan. I have something you,” Marcia said, sliding the brown paper bag towards the teen she recognized from the photos. He furrowed his brow.

“Chico, the chess czar? He’s my uncle.”

He stood up, and like a gentleman, pulled a chair out for her. She could see why her uncle liked him. “You’re Marcia, the one going for a PhD, aren’t you? What school are you at?”

Marcia laughed. “My PhD. consists of Peck, Hepburn and Dietrich.”

The svelte man pulled out the first item in the bag. “12 Angry Men?”

“A good way for you to start your Masters.” She took out her notebook as he set up the chess board on the table between them. “You get the full program of Marshall, Andrews, Stewart, Thomas, Eastwood, Rogers and Shaw.”

Evan had seven video cassette tapes stacked beside him. “Why?”

“You’ll have to ask him at your next chess game.” As she moved the pawn two spaces forward, she already knew the first reason. She had fallen prey to Chico’s move before.

“Any particular order to watch these in?”

Marcia shook her head. “Whatever strikes your mood. Could be chronological, thematical, random. Just watch them, enjoy them. See what you think of them.”

Evan had her in check. “He isn’t expecting a report for each one, is he?”

She escaped it with ease. “I don’t think so, but it could be handy to have some way of jotting down your ideas.” Marcia wrote her name on the inside cover of the notebook then gave it to him. “Here. In case you have any questions.”

They continued with their game.

“You’ve got Peck, Hepburn and Dietrich,” he asked as he moved one of his remaining key pieces. She nodded. “I know of at least two films we can compare notes on with the overlap.”

Looking at the board as she processed his remark, she discovered the second purpose of the setup. “Checkmate,” she said softly.

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