The Right Tone…

Chadwick Boseman Height, Weight, AgeChadwick Boseman  Height, Weight, Age

Evan George Gordon 

Fun is finding the right ‘theme song’ for characters. This is Evan Gordon’s theme and it fits him well, not only as the ‘big brother’ figure for those he takes under his wing, but how he is the man for the family he defines and defends, to the end.

How about you – do you have theme songs for some of your characters? If so, which ones and why?

Wednesday Words


All right, trying something new and there’s a chance this might be a foul, a foul-tip or a strike… here’s the first pitch in a month-long challenge, courtesy of StoryADay. Today’s challenge included working with a basic frame for a short short story. This probably isn’t that…



Chris’s response to the bully brothers targeting the new kid in gym class included a couple of bowling balls and a few well-thrown bowling pins their way.

The principal’s response was giving her three days of detention.

Chris’s response to her three days in detention included sketching caricatures of everyone there, complete with moles, warts, and spikes.

The teacher’s response was sending her to the counselor.

Chris’s response to the meeting with the counselor included the silent treatment paired with perfect posture.

The counselor’s response was mandatory group sessions.

Stuck in a room with a few other middle-schoolers, Chris struck up a conversation with a future best friend.

The results are still unfolding…