Last Day of Camp



Or, how to summarize this month’s fun:

Title: Who Knows

Genre: Literary Fiction


One death. Three lives. Two choices.
With words as their swords, are they protecting the future or avenging the past? Who knows?

Evan George Gordon marshaled the law, presenting evidence that selective blindness killed.

Ashley Charon Emery found a novel way to get away with murder.

Christine Odessa Nighthorse spoke for the voiceless, fighting every step of the way.

Is it the end, or the beginning? Who knows?

2 thoughts on “Last Day of Camp

  1. I saw in the cabin stats that you hit your goal. Congrats!! Seems like you had fun indeed!

  2. tommiaw says:

    Thanks. This is the first camp session in a long while that I finally crossed the finish line. Now on to the next foolish folly.

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