Thematic Thursday


So today’s writer question of the day was to explain your protagonist with three words and a gif. I have three different characters, so my response was one word, one gif each. I’m still not sure how I feel learning that Ashley Charon Emery winning the most likes in less than a minute makes me feel. Then again, it was a fun gif find.

Stumbled upon the movie, Cellular while researching quirks for my characters (usually leads to an interesting rabbit hole or two or few…)

I already knew part of Ashley’s story (never call him ‘Ash’) – that he was forced to move back in with his parents after his grandparents lost a custody hearing. I know some of the many reasons why Ashley runs (more of that may appear a la snippet soon).

I couldn’t quite picture his parents – until this film. Are they pure monsters? No. Do they have their faults? Sure. Will Ashley ever forgive them? Who knows?