Last Day of Camp



Or, how to summarize this month’s fun:

Title: Who Knows

Genre: Literary Fiction


One death. Three lives. Two choices.
With words as their swords, are they protecting the future or avenging the past? Who knows?

Evan George Gordon marshaled the law, presenting evidence that selective blindness killed.

Ashley Charon Emery found a novel way to get away with murder.

Christine Odessa Nighthorse spoke for the voiceless, fighting every step of the way.

Is it the end, or the beginning? Who knows?

Friday Follow-Up

It might help to add the gif that won:



And how true the helpfulness of the internet has been! During Ashley’s time with his parents, the main tech he was after was a telephone to ‘pull an E.T.’ as he tells his friends, Evan and Chris while they’re in middle school.

“It’s like they know,” Ashley said, throwing another rotten apple into the pen. “They always know.”

“We’ll get you there,” Evan said. “Hope and a plan. Those are always good four-letter words.”

Chris pushed Evan playfully, “What the hell is wrong with wing and pray? Those are the things we need, because, man, Ace is right – your old man knows. And with him as my dad’s boss, it’s like…by degrees, he still knows.”

Thematic Thursday


So today’s writer question of the day was to explain your protagonist with three words and a gif. I have three different characters, so my response was one word, one gif each. I’m still not sure how I feel learning that Ashley Charon Emery winning the most likes in less than a minute makes me feel. Then again, it was a fun gif find.

Stumbled upon the movie, Cellular while researching quirks for my characters (usually leads to an interesting rabbit hole or two or few…)

I already knew part of Ashley’s story (never call him ‘Ash’) – that he was forced to move back in with his parents after his grandparents lost a custody hearing. I know some of the many reasons why Ashley runs (more of that may appear a la snippet soon).

I couldn’t quite picture his parents – until this film. Are they pure monsters? No. Do they have their faults? Sure. Will Ashley ever forgive them? Who knows?



Chris Nighthorse

I like KM Weiland’s Writer’s Question of the Day. They can be nice diving boards for silly things.

Today’s was inspired by: What is something your Protagonist did that surprised you in your first draft?

Since there’s no deleting in NaNo (ie, no crying in baseball), this is what emerged today –

Chris Nighthorse heard the bully bikers before she saw their latest target. Climbing higher up in the apple tree, she saw the new kid, about the same as her in age and size. And he was fast. But she knew the bully biker brothers – Boris and Bonehead, she called them. He wouldn’t stand a chance outlasting them.

Just ahead, she saw a perfect escape. Rotten apple in hand, a prayer in her heart, she aimed for his head.

His skinny body rolled into the gully; Boris and Bonehead zoomed by without a clue.

“Ace in the hole,” she whispered.