Monday Moment


It’s the little things! No, seriously, that’s what’s being uncovered so far in this meandering NaNo! Scenes are cropping up, unexpected travels being had, but no clear picture of how the pieces will fit together. Ah, the fun of Plantsing!!

Aside from adding a few more songs to the playlist, and replenishing the pen supply (good grief, how the pens vanish when you want one!!), a few words written tonight.

How are you fairing Dear NaNo Writer?

Fun Friday!


It’s the little things. I have a few hazy details of where this story may (or may not) go… Here was the opening line taking form during the SnoValley Region kick-off (with some help via a NaNoSprint prompt!)


Cole Porter Lipton looked down at the odd trail that brought thoughts of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ crashing into ‘Hansel and Gretel.’  The sun caught the glimmer of music-notes of purple, pink and gold glitter, that started from the driveway, through the grass, over the fresh-cut grass clippings on the sidewalk yet to be swept, and onto the welcome mat. Well, the only thing visible on the beige mat was a pair of shoe prints. Well, two small dots and two small ovals.

“Glitter. Sticking. To. Everything.” he moaned. Then he lamented how long it would take to clean up the inside of the house still unseen.