1.2 – Or Buckle the Shoe


Hello again, dear reader! Still here? Well, here’s day two’s prompt and challenge:

Mind control
The ability to control someone else’s mind
A character is manipulated into doing something against their will/better judgment.
How might a character try resisting being controlled?

Murray slammed the hood of the car, wincing as he narrowly missed sandwiching his finger.

He should have suspected that Jinelle was up to something when she offered to go up to the attic for him if he went into the basement. The offer was too easy, too convenient – the whole nonsense that ‘Ms. Mountain Climber’ would do better climbing down with boxes than he would coming up with his was just… wrong. (He continued to curse Nioma for the stupid task of sorting the stuff for the various charities, but he’d wait until the globetrotting friend returned to let her have it.)

Turning the key in the ignition, Murray hoped that he fixed the engine properly. He hated the feeling of dread that Jinelle was holding out on him and that Cole Portewr wandered into something he shouldn’t have; something Murray should have been aware of sooner than now.

It was that guy, ‘Dublin’s’ fault. If Jinelle hadn’t brought ‘Mr. Intrigue’ over to distract Yvonne, then none of this would have happened. The stupid game of trivia didn’t help, either, with a hidden theme of questions and answers that wove this web trapping Murray’s friend.

No, it was Nioma’s fault. She left. She set Cole Porter up for cat-wrangling and house sitting. She was the one to mail the postcards, then letters, then that forsaken package…

The engine turned as if to shut Murray’s racing thoughts down once and for all.


1.1 – Or ‘It’s Begun’ (again)


The ‘Stare Down.’

So, I failed miserably to keep fellow NaNoWriMo’s (and readers) up to date on this past November’s project. I even failed to make it to 80% of the gatherings close by. And, for the first time ever, failed to make it to “Writing on the Road” (our region’s version of the big S.F. California deal)…

So, thanks to an awesome friend and ML, going to play with the writing prompts that were part of a game at the gathering. A different prompt for a different day of the month (until I run out of prompts and/or the motivating ML pal supplies me with something else).

Prepare yourself, dear reader, for a cobbled collection of ‘prompts meet NaNo projects – regular and camp variety.’ No planning, just rambling…

1.1 –

The ability to turn invisible/to disappear
Someone so quiet and unnoticed that they may as well be invisible.
Something has vanished as if into nothing.

Cole Porter Lipton wondered if the idea of invisibility ever occurred to Murray. Was his best friend always so social, so chameleon-like, or was this the result of a broken shell shaped in youth?

He found the exit to his left and turned to escape, only to have fingernails dig into his forearm.

“And just where do you think you’re going? If I have to pay, you have to pay.”

Cole Porter sighed. “Nioma, you know I hate these things – people milling about with a wine glass in one hand and an untouched fried brie roll or bacon-wrapped scallop on a plate in the other. The food just gets pushed around while the empty glasses get replaced faster than you can say-.”

“Oh shut up and dance with me, then. No way to hold food or liquor.” She added softly, “Not that some of these folks here look like they can do either, let alone balance, much longer.”

In the corner of the room, just short of the patio door, was a sound Cole Porter was all too familiar with. He had that same reaction, in the boy’s restroom, just before he had to give a speech in class.

Nioma put a finger to Cole Porter’s lips. “Oh, shut up and dance with me…anywhere but here.”

With a smile, he gathered their belongings and they slipped from the party without anyone else’s notice.