First Week Finished?!

Aren't You....JPG

Aren’t You Supposed to be Writing?

I love my cats – Kit and Kat. They give me a necessary mental break from the various insanity detours of “real life.”

So, dropped the ball again on the Blogging from A-to-Z Challenge. Maybe Sunday I’ll put together a list of the missing letters as related to my latest ‘bad habit.’ (Those of you I share a cabin with know what that is!)

Jotting down a few words a day in the (very long overdue) sketchbooks to wrap up a prequel of sorts to the first camp project, “Escorting in Twilight.” The three-part collection, “Before the Wars,” tells the stories of Atkinson, Jalem and Desmon before the subtle changes had a major impact on their lives – apart and together.

How about you? Are you camping this year;  counting hours, pages or words?

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